Shoppe Clicker Project

Mr. Thor's Scratch Steps

I'll show you step by step how to think about your project, and then how to do it in a way that just makes sense!

Make a Custom Shoppe!

In this tutorial you'll create your very own shop, and customize it to look however you want!

Extra Challenges to Make Your Project More Awesome

When you've completed the base project there will be some secret challenges to make the project more fun, and more complete. Can you handle all 3 challenges?

Choose a Pricing Option


Create a Shoppe Clicker Game!

In this course, you'll create your very own clicker game customized exactly how you like it in Scratch. Follow along as Mr. Thor shows you how to create your game by following 7 easy steps.

After all of the steps are finished you can choose to be done or take part in the 3 extra special challenges and earn an extra exclusive sticker!

Good luck and happy coding!